Why You Need A Trip Sitter and How to Trip Sit Someone On Psychedelics

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Why You Need A Trip Sitter and How to Trip Sit Someone On Psychedelics

Like a babysitter, but for grown-ups under the influence of psilocybin or other psychedelics, a trip sitter stays sober and dedicated to providing support. Someone calm, cool, and collected in the proverbial passenger seat of your ride can make the difference between having a positive experience or a more challenging one.

Here’s a sum-up of why trip sitting is such a crucial and groovy role:

  • Safety: Psychedelics can cause intense and unpredictable experiences, and having a trip sitter can help make sure you feel safe and secure during your journey.
  • Support: Trip sitters are there to provide emotional and psychological support to help guide you through the experience and to help work through any insights, realizations, or challenges that come up.
  • Harm reduction: A trip sitter can help lessen the chance of any harm during a trip, such as reducing the risk of panic attacks or unexpected reactions.
  • Integration: They can help integrate the experience, especially key realizations or insights, into daily life by reflecting on the trip and encouraging positive lifestyle changes such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, or journaling.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to trip sitting—the specific needs of the person or persons taking a psychedelic trip will depend on their needs and preferences. A good trip sitter will be a calm, kind, and supportive presence throughout the journey.

That’s the role, now here’s how to prepare for being an all-star trip sitter:

Educate yourself

Before the trip, get familiar with the effects of the specific substance your friend will be taking, and learn about their previous experience with psychedelics. Ideally, the trip sitter would have first-hand experience with psychedelics in order to understand what to expect.

Plan ahead

Know what to do in case of an emergency or if the person has a bad trip. This could include having another sober friend on standby, knowing the location of the nearest hospital, or having a calming activity planned.

Get cozy

Create a tripping space where the person will be safe, comfortable, and free of anything that could harm them. Prepare plenty of water and healthy snacks, and use soft lighting and chill music to create a relaxing environment.

Set expectations

Beforehand, talk openly about what the tripper hopes to achieve from the experience, how long it will last, and what they should expect to feel during the journey.

Be present

Stay attentive throughout the journey. Find a balance between conversational flow and holding quiet space for the person to explore their own thoughts and feelings.

With a supportive trip sitter, trippers are much more likely to fully let go and have a more transformative and meaningful psychedelic experience, which in turn can have a profound and lasting positive effect.


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