Ground Sounds Strains

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Ground Sounds Strains

At Ground Sounds, we carefully select the best mushroom strains to guide your inner and outer universe. Grown in the pristine mountainside of beautiful British Columbia, we take a look at what strains are, why strains matter and the most popular ones available today. Read below and explore the different properties of each strain and species that help us get our dancing shoes on, or support us in peaceful reflection of our inner selves.

What are mushroom strains?

It’s hard to believe, but human’s are close relatives to mushrooms, even more so than plants. There are two factors to keep in mind when choosing a mushroom for your journey – the strain and species. A strain is not the same as a species. A species is a distinct genetic group, whilst a strain is a subgroup within a species that is identified by its expression such as its size, cap colour (the bobble at the top), gill production and more.

Strains within a species have the same genetic code, but some genes are more active than others — which produces small differences in appearance and effect. Within the Psilocybe cubensis species, there are hundreds of different strains, each with slight differences in how they grow.

Here are three key differences that make strains unique:

  • Mushroom size: some strains can grow into monster mushrooms and others tend to produce
    smaller, stubby mushrooms
  • Cap color: the color of mushroom caps can range from white, tan, to dark brown or black
  • Gill production: certain strains like Penis Envy barely produce any exposed gills at all.

Why should I care about mushroom strains?

Different mushroom strains have different potencies, which will affect how each strain interacts with the body, which is why it’s helpful to know how the different strains work for each individual. Some strains can have stronger perceptual effects than others, so it’s best to log what you try and how it affects you, in order to find the best dosage and strains that suit your journey.

What are the most popular mushroom strains?

B+ Cubensis: A popular strain for first-time trippers, it provides a smooth experience, similar to another popular entry-level strain, Golden Teachers. The B+ strain is known for being very visual, “warm,” and spiritual. It’s a strain less likely to cause nausea, and can be euphoric, dreamy and creative. People can notice it as a body relaxant, with one consumer describing a wave of uplifting energy that helped relax the body and made her menstrual cramps disappear. Higher doses can cause visual hallucinations, time-bending and synaesthesia (hearing colours and seeing sounds). Many believe it to be a great strain for daily microdosing since it’s a popular option to enhance creativity, focus, clarity, socialness and mood.

Golden Teacher: Similar to B+, this strain is also popular amongst beginners and is known for teaching life-changing lessons to those who ingest it, hence the strain name. Golden Teacher can create an open-mindedness and gently shift our perception and is known to help increase creativity, focus and improve the overall mood. Micro-dosers of this strain can experience high-focus creativity and problem-solving, with comfortable and sensual tingling, slight visual distortion, and enhanced senses. Higher doses from 3 to 5 grams are known to be a powerful spiritual voyage, with a distortion on time. The uplifting nature of this strain can also help with social connection, depression and anxiety.

Penis Envy: This strain’s famous name was coined from its phallic appearance compared to other strains. It’s also one of the hardest to cultivate and is not recommended for beginners. Penis Envy is reputed to be one of the most cultivated and appreciated of the cubensis hybrids. Known to provoke intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, joy, twisted notion of time and space, and synaesthesia, the effects can last up to four hours. Out-of-body experiences, feeling of connectedness with the universe. The visuals are described as “wavy” rather than “geometrical”. Often advised to consume with the right setting and mindset as their strong potency can also make one feel like a hostage.

Blue Meanie: This strain is more potent than cubensis and tends to thrive in warmer, subtropical climates. It’s more commonly found in US states such as Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, along with other warm climates in the world including the Caribbean, South America, Australia, Africa, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, and Europe. Effects you may notice with this strain includes enhanced and vivid perception of colour, objects moving and “breathing”, geometric patterns overlaid on objects and the environment, and a mix in perceptions, such as seeing sounds and hearing colours.

What mushroom strains does Ground Sounds use?

At Ground Sounds, we currently use B+ Cubensis as it’s a great entry point for those new to mushrooms and it’s a popular strain for microdosing because it helps to enhance creativity, focus, clarity and mood. As supporters of microdosing, B+ allows a smooth journey of introspection, creativity, euphoria and a sparkly trip for those starting out on the magical discovery of mushrooms.


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