Stevie’s Wonder


It’s like yoga for your neurons! Increase clarity and memory with this brain-focused blend of adaptogens, herbs and psilocybin. Stevie’s Wonder-ful formula helps to support your nervous system while improving stress resistance to leave you feeling mentally sharp and emotionally grounded.


A winning combo of psilocybin mushrooms and therapeutic, non-psychedelic plants that have the power to enhance our capabilities. To provide a safe, natural way to increase productivity and focus energy, Stevie’s Wonder comes in three dose options of 50mg, 100mg or 250mg of pure psilocybin, along with non-psychedelics reishi, bacopa, gotu kola, and lion’s mane. Reishi is a mushroom that helps relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Bacopa is a flower that offers similar effects, while also promoting increased brain function, including memory and problem-solving. Gotu kola has been used for centuries as a part of Eastern medicine for its myriad health benefits, including improved cognitive function, sleep regulation, and antidepressant properties. Lion’s mane mushroom is celebrated for its ability to boost focus and repair nerves. Combined, these natural components can level-up your ability to sign, seal and deliver on the day’s to-dos.

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  • Sharpen your focus
  • Feel connected
  • Mental fitness and clarity
  • Improve memory
  • Get grounded

Ingredients & Dosage

1-2 capsules a day, 2-5 days a week


  • Psilocybin 50mg
  • Reishi 80mg
  • Bacopa 40mg
  • Guto Kola 40mg
  • Lion's Mane 40mg

500mg – 7.5g

10 or 30 capsules per package


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