Play that Fungi Music


A potent dose of magic for people who want to dive deeper, PTFM really turns up the volume to help you elevate, expand, and tune into the feeling of flow. Press “play” on these 250mg capsules when you’re ready to take the day off, explore, laugh, and connect.


Popping in Play That Fungi Music helps you let loose and channel child-like wonder. With this elevated dose of pure psilocybin expect to giggle like you’ve never giggled before, feel the vibrant love all around you, and commune with the mystical aspects of life . Before you PTFM, set yourself up with the right vibe—good lighting, good tunes, and good people to take the ride with. Given the higher dose, it may produce hallucinations so you’ll want to feel super safe and comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you end up feeling extra creative, chill and cheery in the days following your trip. Whether you’re looking for magic mushroom therapy for depression, or to simply escape the everyday hustle and bustle, this product showcases the top-hatted plant in all its psychedelic glory. For more expert intel on how to high dose, get in touch with us.

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  • Dive deeper
  • Dissolve into flow
  • Take a break
  • Experience ease
  • Get the cosmic giggles

Ingredients & Dosage

1 to start. Listen to your body.

Psilocybin 250mg

2.5g – 7.5g

10 or 30 capsules per package


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