Play that Fungi Music


PSILO 250mg


A potent dose of magic for people who want to dive a little deeper, PTFM really turns up the volume to help you elevate, expand, and tune into the feeling of flow. Press “play” on these capsules when you’re ready to take the day off, explore, laugh, and connect.


We all need to let loose sometimes and remind ourselves of the child-like wonder inside our souls. Play that Fungi Music can help you do that by getting the juices flowing inside your brain and pushing you into a state of pure, uninhibited joy. When you take one of our 250 mg capsules of pure psilocybin, expect to laugh like you’ve never laughed before, feel the warmth of all the love around you, and explore the more colourful aspects of life that we seldom take the time to appreciate. Play that Fungi Music is a product that should be used as the sole focus of your day or evening. Set yourself up with some colourful lights, your favourite music, and some people you adore for the ultimate experience. Whether you’re looking for mushroom therapy for depression, or to simply escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this product is guaranteed to show you an amazing time.


This high dose of magic mushrooms should not be mistaken for a microdose capsule. The effects of Play that Fungi Music are far more powerful, and can produce hallucinations, which is why it is important to take it in a safe, comfortable environment. If you’re looking to trip on mushrooms for the first time, Play that Fungi Music will allow you to drive straight in, and see the true magic of these plants in all their psychedelic glory. When you take one of these capsules, your only job for the day is to sit back, relax, and let the effects wash over you. Many users report feeling extra inspired, relaxed, and in better spirits for the following days after taking this dose of magic mushrooms. If your goal is to help get yourself in a better state of mind, the occasional high dose of psilocybin mushrooms might be the perfect thing for you. Speak to our team for more information on how to consume our high-dose products.

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  • Dive deeper
  • Dissolve into flow
  • Take a break
  • Experience ease
  • Get the cosmic giggles

Ingredients & Dosage

1 to start. Listen to your body.

Psilocybin 250mg


30 capsules


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