Mort’s Melody


The world is a song and it’s playing just for you. Mort’s Melody is the plant sound you can tune into when you’re looking to destress, get creative and channel gratitude. The subtle effects of regular microdosing with psilocybin include boosting your mood and focus while reducing anxiety and stress.


At 100mg, Mort’s Melody is slightly more intense than our starter microdose capsules, giving you that much more of a just-right effect (Goldilocks-style!) without breaking up your day. If you’re looking to go deeper with your spiritual practice, support creative work, tackle a major stressor in your life, or experience life with a little more colour, this mid-size dose may be your happy medium. No major hallucinations here, just an extra enhanced state of mind to help you operate from a place of love and tranquility. A step below a full, hallucinogenic dose of psilocybin mushrooms, Mort’s Melody is a great way to get your start in the world of tripping. If you want more guidance on what’s right for you, reach out to our experts.

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  • Tune in
  • Create with ease
  • Get playful
  • Lose the stress
  • Connect with beauty
  • Feel supported

Ingredients & Dosage

1 to 2 capsules per day, 2 to 5 days a week. Don’t forget to take days off to keep your experience fresh and functional.

Psilocybin 100mg

1g – 3g

10 or 30 capsules per package


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